Workshop information

The workshop will cover an intensive two-week long curriculum designed to train participants on the essential programming skills needed for mathematical sciences, using the Python programming language. The format of the workshop will involve lectures and a lot of practical sessions, supported by a team of tutors. The workshop will also aim to give mathematical concepts context and relevance by exposing the participants to real-world applications arising from research which makes use of mathematical tools and computer programming.

Learning Outcome

  • Learning how to identify Python data types.
  • Learning about various data structures, including lists, tuples, sets, and dictionaries.
  • Learning about loops and decision statements.
  • Learning how to write functions and pass arguments.
  • Learning how to process and analyse data.
  • Learning how to plot and visualise data.
  • Learning how to define the structure and components of a program.
  • Learning how programming can be used to solve mathematical problems.

Workshop Schedule

Day Date Activity Outcome
0 Sun 29/07/2018 Familiarisation Introduction. Installation party. Setting up programming environment
1 Mon 30/07/2018 Teaching and Lab Statements, Expressions, Variables, Operators and Types. Lists, Strings and For loops
2 Tue 31/07/2018 Teaching and Lab Conditions. While loops
3 Wed 01/08/2018 Teaching and Lab Functions. File I/O
4 Thur 02/08/2018 Teaching and Lab Dictionaries. Debugging
5 Fri 03/08/2018 Teaching and Lab Functional approaches: comprehensions, lambda, closures and high order functions
6 Sat 04/08/2018 Mini-project  
7 Sun 05/08/2018 BREAK  
8 Mon 06/08/2018 Teaching and Lab Numerical Arrays. Matplotlib
9 Tue 07/08/2018 Teaching and Lab Pandas
10 Wed 08/08/2018 Team project  
11 Thur 09/08/2018 Team project  
12 Fri 10/08/2018 Team project. Presentation. Closing session.  

Contact at the host University:

  • Mr Akeju (