Setup instructions

The PWSAfrica project will teach Python using the Jupyter environment, exploring a collection of useful software libraries in the process. To simplify installation, the entire environment and all of the required packages can be installed via Anaconda.

Install the latest version of the Anaconda environment for Python 3.6, which can be found here. Download the correct version for the operating system you’re using — there’s a choice of Windows, MacOS and Linux. You can accept the default settings in the installer and click through the installation.

Confirming the installation has succeeded

Once this is done, you can confirm your installation has been successful by opening the Jupyter environment.

Opening Jupyter

On Windows:

Enter your Start Menu and find the “Jupyter Notebook” application. Run it.

On Linux or MacOS:

Find the application on your computer called “Terminal”. Open it, and type jupyter notebook.

Ensuring Jupyter has started properly

Once the Jupyter Notebook is running, a new tab in your web browser may open. If it does: Jupyter is already open and running properly! If not: you can check by opening a web browser and visiting the website http:/localhost:8888. If a webpage loads, Jupyter has successfully opened, meaning the Anaconda installation was a success.


If any problems arise, don’t worry! Just bring your laptop along to the installation party to be held at the Department of Mathematics on Sunday 29th July 2018, where we’ll be able to help make sure everything is alright.